Michael Banifatov, visual artist, photographer. Holds a degree in economics and management. A musician. Originally from Russia, born in St. Petersburg, he has been living and working in Israel since 2019. Michael specializes in creating photographic projects that delve into places, structures, and spaces within the context of history and sociocultural phenomena. His work is characterized by a personal approach that seamlessly combines documentary and artistic practices.

A distinctive aspects of Michael's creative expression are abstraction of everyday life and the irrationality of reality. He says that about it: "I think my items are quite surreal. It may not seem so at first glance, but I'm attracted to the very beginning of the process, when reality only begins to go out from itself. I want to capture this moment."

He employs various distortion techniques in his work, drawing parallels with working with sound. Just as knobs are twisted to hear different things, in the visual realm, the image transforms, altering perception. Michael occasionally presents very confined spaces where the entire world converges at one point, creating an endless process of exchange. He finds joy in this perpetual convergence and divergence, a continuous comparison of perspectives.